Sissy Schools for Submissive Men

You might not have heard of sissy schools but they are a reality in certain areas of the world. Another thing that would keep this knowledge more or less under the table is that you are not going to know about these places unless you happen to travel in these particular circles. After all, what does a dominant man or vanilla man need to know about becoming a sissy. Men who want to be schooled in sissy behavior will eventually discover these schools all on their own. For others, the existence of such places will come as a complete shock.  The purpose of attending a school of this sort is to learn more and more about becoming the most obedient sissy possible. Locations will vary and may be difficult to actually find but, with a bit of searching in the right places, they will turn up just where you need. Just be sure that you are truly ready to become the sissy that your dominant partner can show off with pride.

Even muscle men are experiencing male to female transformation. Hi beautiful vagina being proof of it. Transformation is actually a growing trend and swimsuits/underwear like these let all men feel a touch of feminine

Any idea, questions, suggestions or stories we are happy to listen and help when we can. We hope you enjoy our Sissy Schools website. There is so much to learn.



Give us your man and we will return him a sissy.

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