Sissy having balls stretched
Sissy torture

Give us your man and we will return him a sissy.

Sissy Schools teach ball stretching

Many a mistresses and master realize that most sissies have rather small cocks and to that end when they are teaching sissy school sessions they will often use ball stretching for control, creating submissive men and for their own enjoyment. Of course sissy schools are not the only places that use ball stretching or the only fetish/lifestyle to use it. There are many men and women that enjoy performing ball stretching and many men who enjoy having it done by others or by their selves, men who have nothing to do with the sissy lifestyle and have never been to any sissy schools. This article is specific to ball stretching and sissies. How it is preformed, how it is utilized and what products work best along with understanding what actually occurs during the act of ball stretching. There are a number of different products that can be used effectively for ball stretching: parachute stretchers made of metal chain or parachute stretchers made of leather. Both work the same way by encompassing the testicles so they cannot escape or retract into the body and attaching weights to the parachute portion. There are many other types of stretchers but those are the most popular. There are two newer styles that I would like to talk about. One is the Koala ball stretcher which does not need weights. It features a series of adjustable spandex straps that fasten around the balls and an adjustable strap that fastens around the leg. Running from the balls to the legs a couple adjustable straps which adds tension to the straps thus pulling the balls down with as much force as you can handle. Using this system you can end up with a huge set of hanging balls! The other one that might just be the best for use in sissy schools is the new Ox Balls Slung Stretchy Ball Stretcher.

This new system can use from one pound to over three pounds to pull the testicles down. The heavier weights can cause real discomfort which is one of the reasons why they are growing in popularity among sissies. If you picture a sissy standing in the corner, nude his tiny soft penis straining under the heft of this ball harness with a bunch of weights crunching his them down while all the time his wife is getting fucked by a real man right in front of him. The only thing that might be better is the sissy having a large cock plug stuffed up his ass at the same time. That is true humiliation worthy of a sissy.

Sissy schools

There are a few online sissy schools that I have found but I am not sure how much I would trust something like that. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it just seems like it would be an easy way to scam people out of money if you think about it. I am trying to learn stuff for my partner, and I end up getting involved in one of these weird little online schools that have nothing to do with what his fetish is actually about. Of course, I would be the one with luck like that and he would definitely let me know that I screwed up on that one.

I just wished that I could find a local sissy school in my area that I could actually attend and talk to real people to see what this lifestyle is about. It took my partner four years before they confided in my that this is something they wanted in their lives, so you can see why I am putting so much effort into it. I want them to be happy with their decision to tell me about their fantasies and the only way I can do that is by learning everything I can about it.