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Sissy training

The question often is should a man need to go to sissy school for sissy training or are there other options?  As a hardcore femme sissy, I believe that sissy schools are one option for sissy training and may be the best option. That said there are many other options for sissy training that you can and should look into before choosing just one. One on one instruction from a mistress can be an effective way to learn about what is required to be a sissy and what a mistress requires in return. One on one instruction sissy training is the fastest way to get up to speed but it is also the most expensive way. One the other end of the spectrum there are many books that have be made about men that want to become sissies and this is by far the least expensive way to become knowable on the subject and to see if sissy training is something you really want to become involved with after all being a sissy is a lifestyle change and it is a big change at that. If you are reading this it is highly likely you have already made the decision to become a sissy and maybe you have known for years that it is your true identity, that’s great but you should spend time learning about what it takes to make the total transformation and how intense sissy training can be. Another option is trying different aspects of sissy training things like make-up work, male to female transformation clothing including the panty designs that change you from male to female, these styles are unbailable in the job they do to erase the male anatomy and change if to female. Chastity training is a big part of sissy training and something you can start right away but make sure to order a cage that is geared for a sissy. We will talk about many of these aspects of sissy training along with others but I think we will start at the area I personally know best which is male to female transformation for sissy training and how to femininize the genitals of men. Sissies should be training their penises to be as small as possible. There is a product called the Micro Penis Maker Sleeve that can take a small to normal sized penis and with sissy training change it to a real micro penis. I have personally seen a normal sized penis trained down to under 1”, it was actually very close to ½” in size what can be classified as a sissy clit. Before I go any further let me say that a sissy should always be completely shaved. Legs shaved, bikini area completely shave and there should be no hair what so ever on the penis, it should always be completely smooth. All hair on the butt including the anus should be completely shaved or you can have a full Brazilian wax which gets rid of the hair front and rear. Many that are in sissy training myself included have opted to have all the hair lasered away. This gets rid of it once and for all with very little regrowth. My very small penis is completely smooth and hairless which gets you ready for the next step and that is wearing male to female transformation panties and swimwear.

 Sissy training and wearing panties and swimwear that feminize you.

There is a world of change happening with male to female transformation swimwear and panties that give the wearer a realistic vagina. These styles were originally crated for men that are transitioning to female but have become extremely popular with other men/girls that are into the femme look including crossdressers, femme boys, sissies and both straight and gay men that have become interested in being in touch with their feminine selves. I will now show you why when it comes to sissy training why these have become the go to fashion for many sissies. First let me list a number of different designs that you can google to see what they look like: Koalaswim Clever Girl, Koalaswim Spicy Girl, Koalaswim Lady Gear Shorts, and Koalaswim Lady Girl Micro shorts. As you can see from the listing all the designs are from Koalaswim and the reason for that is they literally invented this category of clothing and they send their designs all over the world. I would love to see a bunch of sissies running around the beach wearing these very small bikinis and thongs which change their penis into a very real looking vagina, I get wet thinking about it! These designs work by forcing your flaccid shaft into your body and securely but comfortable keeping it there. This makes the shaft disappear! Then things get really interesting, the balls are split and kept in separate micro lip style pouches when the suit is in place you will have a vagina that your girlfriends will believe is real even if they touch it. It looks and feels real One of the more interesting aspects of how these designs work with sissy training is that after a while a very short while your brain see’s a vagina there and starts to change the thinking pattern and the way it views itself(you) as male of female. It turns out the brain is a very visual organ and will start sending feminine feelings when it no longer sees a penis and now sees a vagina. You brain starts to recognize you as female.

 I feel an additional aspect of sissy training should entail public work, that is being shown in public as a female and also being female in the most vulnerable positions one of which I believe is wearing almost nothing in public something like the male to female transformation suits we talked about above and forcing the sissy to wear them when she goes to the beach. This is some of the most intense but highly effective sissy training sessions one can experience.

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