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With more men than ever getting in touch with their feminine side it was bound to happen that men from every walk of life are turning out to be sissies and sissy schools are expanding like crazy. Just Google Sissy schools and you will see what I mean. After that plug in sissies, sissy and forced sissy and get ready to be blown away. I might go as far as saying that in many ways sissy men are almost mainstream as is being a forced sissy and adding sissy play to your sex. This site will take a very narrow aspect of being a sissy whether you are one by choice or are a forced sissy. Our discussion and focus of attention will be on male to female transformation which of course is an extremely important aspect of the sissy lifestyle. We will offer links to our favorite companies that deal in male to female transformation including pussy look suits, swimwear and underwear that repackage the penis to look exactly like a vagina, male chastity, anal play and so much more. Enjoy the ride.

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Tips For Sissy Schools

There are quite a few guys out there that are looking for sissy schools so that they can get the training they need to please their partners. These guys are looking for someone to teach them the true meaning of being a sissy and how it affects their lives so that they can understand what they need to do to please the person they are with. It is very important that you get the correct training to make sure that you are doing your duties the way that they need to be done, and finding a school is the only way to do that properly.

There are a lot of schools available that you can find if you live in a large city, but most guys aren't that fortunate. Even the schools that are in larger cities are hard to actually get involved in unless you get invited by the Mistress or Master that is running the school. You see, there are strict standards when it comes to training in this lifestyle, and it's not something that you can just run out and do because it seems like fun. You have to earn the training and that is never an easy thing.

Earning the right to join sissy training is something that a lot of guys don’t fully comprehend. It isn't like you can get on the job training and suddenly you are a world class sissy. You have to find someone that is willing to train you in all the aspects of the sissy lifestyle and work hard every day to meet those standards that are being taught to you. Of course, it has become a bit easier since the Internet has become so popular because there are thousands of forums and sites you can find now that are specifically for the sissy in all of us.

One of the first things you are going to find out about any sissy schools is that the punishments are never something you want to go through. Granted, there are some guys that find the punishments the only thing that is worth going through all the trouble of being a sissy. Most guys that enjoy pain will fall into this category and will do just about anything to be bossed around and slapped from time to time. The good news is that there are plenty of others that are willing to do just that to them.

Most guys that think about finding fetish schools are just looking for a way to express who they are on the inside to someone they trust implicitly. Most guys have a hard time accepting who they really are and they need someone that they can trust with this kind of information. They aren't just going to come out to anyone they know and tell them they want to be a sissy as this can cause all kinds of problems for them and the relationship with that person if they aren't open minded enough to accept it.

The one thing that you really need to understand is that being in sissy training is a great way of giving up the control that you normally keep throughout the day. Most guys find that kind of control is something they need to hold on to with all of their will power. But the guys that have that much control never get to have the fun that they really deserve. The guys that can give up this amount of control for brief periods of time are usually a lot happier in their lives than you would ever suspect at first glance.

Sometimes it takes sissy schools in order for you to learn how to give up that control so that you can start enjoying your life more. There is nothing wrong with being a control freak for a lot of things, but every once in a while, you need to see how the other side lives, and give up that control for something else. No one is perfect these days and all men need to have something that they can fall back on so that they can really enjoy themselves to the highest degree.

The hardest thing you are ever going to have to go through is finding the right training for your needs. Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few different schools available to you, depending on what you are looking for in regards to being a sissy. You just have to make sure that you are actually ready and willing to go through with the training that you pick out. Make sure you do the research that is needed so that you don’t end up in the wrong school. It can turn to be something you weren’t ready for.

Most schools that you’ll find aren't really what you would consider actual schools. It's more of a one on one type training than it is an actual school. You see, you aren't going to be in a class with a bunch of other sissies learning what you need to know. You are going to be trained by your Mistress or Master one on one, and that way, you can keep your anonymity in regards to other people finding out about you being a sissy. Besides, who wants to be in a class with five other guys learning how to be a sissy, anyway?

Finding online schools is fairly easy for the most part, but you have to understand that there are quite a few sites that are basically scams and they aren't really going to teach you anything. There are other sites that will give you all the answers you could ever need for this type of lifestyle. You are the one, however, that is going to have to do the research to make sure the site you are interested in is the one that is going to be right for you.

Nothing is worse than investing your time and money into becoming a sissy that aren't going to produce the results that you are looking for. In fact, there are quite a lot of people in the world that fall into the wrong school at first, and they decide that being a sissy isn't something they want to do anymore. Naturally, this causes anger problems to begin with, but there is also a good amount of sadness because they have to give up their lifestyle due to one school that didn’t work out for them when they first get started. Make sure that you are ready for what you are doing, though, and never give up on it.

You can't go to training for sissies in a halfhearted manner. Otherwise, you aren't going to enjoy what you are about to go through unless you are truly ready to commit to the training. Most guys don’t understand that training to become a true sissy takes a great deal of time, and if you are ready to put that time in, then you aren't going to be able to complete your training. This training can really separate the true men from the boys as you will find that out on your first night of training.

One of the best things about being in sissy schools is that you get the chance to wear all of the sexiest sissy clothes that you could ever want to wear while you are training. Once you find out how comfortable those sissy clothes can be, then there is no reason to go back to having all of that control. You will want to wear your sissy clothes all the time, even if that means wearing them under your clothing while you are at work. Nothing is hotter than wearing something that makes you feel like a sissy while you are having a power meeting at the office.

The first thing you are going to want to do when you start schools is pick out some sissy clothes. The best possible place that you can go for your sissy clothes is They know what it takes to make you a complete sissy and they will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you get what you want. The best thing is that you won't have to pay a lot of money for these items and you are getting the best possible quality at the same time.

Of course, you might find that some of the training aren't going to want you to go overboard on buying clothes. They want you to work your way up to the sissiest thing you can wear, and buying that stuff early will usually get you into trouble with your Mistress or Master. That means that you are going to get punished, more than likely, and even if that is what you are looking for, it is still not a good idea as it sets your training back.

You don’t want your sissy training to be set back for any reason because that means you are losing out on all the fun things you could be doing in your training. Nothing is worse than missing out on the things that you really enjoy and, by getting ahead of yourself, that is exactly what you are doing. Make sure that you take this training seriously enough to follow the orders that you are given and never try to get ahead of that training. You have to be sure that you can keep that control under check so that you can have fun with your life.

There are some things about fetish wear that every guy interested in them should be aware of so that you can make sure you are doing the right thing. The first thing you need to know is that being a sissy includes a lot of the aspects behind the BDSM lifestyle. Now, you don’t have to worry about all the whips and chains of BDSM, but the aspects behind the use of them are present in a lot of the sissy training that you will be going through. You can even get safe words that you can use in case there is something that isn't comfortable going on.

Another aspect of sissies being trained that you need to understand is that there are a lot of guys that take it upon themselves to do the sissy lifestyle all on their own. These guys will go out into the world and find everything they need to be a sissy and wear those items around their own house. For the most part, they just enjoy the aspect of dressing up like a sissy, and they aren't even aware that there is much more involved in this lifestyle than just dressing up.

Some schools will make you become a sissy in a very strict manner. This aspect is considered to be forced sissification and isn't for the weak of heart. Being forced into a sissy is one of the hardest training aspects that you will ever have to go through in your entire life. In fact, there are guys that would rather go through marine boot camp rather than being forced to be a sissy. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea as to how rough it can be. If you aren't ready for something like that, then you are going to hate every second of it.

Finding forced sissies is something that is a bit harder to do because you need to find someone that is willing to force you to become a sissy, and that means taking you out on the town dressed as a sissy from time to time. There are some guys out there that love doing phone sex and being forced into being a sissy, but having it done in real life is much more difficult than hearing someone telling you how they would do it to you.

The phone sex aspect of forced sissy can be quite entertaining for any guy that is willing to give it a shot. You can even throw in some aspects of science fiction in like having aliens abduct you and force you to become a sissy. Those stories can go on for hours if you are lucky enough to talk to someone that has a great imagination. But in real life training, that is a bit difficult to do. Of course, that won't stop your Mistress or Master from taking you to a club and forcing you to have sex with some other guy.

Most guys think that sissies and crossdressing are only for gay men because of the fact that you are having sex with other men. The truth is there are very few gay men out there that are looking for sissy training simply because they are willing to accept who they are already. They know what they like in sex and they have no problems with telling others around them what they like. There are a few that like the aspect of becoming a sissy, but not as many as there are straight guys that really get off on this lifestyle.

One thing that you will find when looking for training is that most of the people that will be training you are female Mistresses. Now, there are a few Masters around that can take you under their wing and train you, and they do a very good job of it. But the Mistress aspect seems to be the most popular. One reason for this is that the female makes it a lot easier for a man to figure out exactly what a sissy is because these women have done just about everything they are trying to teach you to do.

Since women know what it takes to turn a macho man into a real sissy by putting them through sissy schools, that is what most men are looking for. They know that women know how all the sissy items fit since they wear them so often anyway, and they know how to act like a sissy since being a sissy for most guys means that you are a naïve woman in drag. It makes it a lot easier for most men to accept woman as trainers since it's always easier for men to tell women about their secrets.

You see, most men will find sissy training to be run by women because they don’t want another man judging them for what they want their life to be like. Men find it a lot easier to talk to women doctors as well because they don’t feel threatened by them in any way. The same thing is true when you are learning how to be a sissy, and that is very comforting to most men that want to be sissies. Besides, you don’t want to be uncomfortable when you are going through a training aspect like this, anyway.

Being uncomfortable is something that most men would prefer to not have to go through when they are in sissy training. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case, especially when you have done something wrong and you need to be punished. Sometimes the more uncomfortable the situation or punishment the more fun you are going to have in your training. It's also one of the best ways to learn your place so that you try not to make the same mistakes again. After all, punishment is meant to be uncomfortable so that you will do your best to not have to go through that punishment again anytime soon.

If all you are interested in doing is looking for sissy schools that will let you run wild and do whatever you want, then you are in the wrong lifestyle choice. This is a very strict lifestyle that will teach you self-control as often as possible. Whether you follow the strict teachings or not is up to you, but you will not have as much fun if you don’t. In fact, by not following what your teacher is telling you, then you might end up not being taught any longer, and that is not a good thing.

You have to be willing to accept the authority of the schools Mistress or Master in order to learn anything about being a sissy in the first place. You see, you have to follow that authority in order to get anything out of this lifestyle. Of course, if you are the type of guy that gives up on things just because they are starting to get a bit tough, then you might want to look somewhere else for your sexual gratifications. Being a sissy is a full time roll for most guys even if it is hidden from the rest of the world.

There are a few sissy clubs you can find that will even make you wear your items to work every day, even if you don’t think that would be a good idea. Your Mistress or Master is going to make sure that you are wearing your sissy clothes under your work clothes by making you take pictures of yourself on your phone and sending them to them. That is the type of training you really want to get if you are serious about becoming a true sissy. But you really have to be willing to do what you are told as well.

Sissy groups are some of the most entertaining aspects of sexual gratification you can ever enjoy if your partner is a willing participant as well. Now, that doesn’t happen very often to guys that want to be a sissy, but if you are lucky enough to have your partner as your Mistress or Master, then you are pretty much set for life. There is no better way of keeping a relationship strong than finding that one person out there that feels the same way you do when it comes to being a sissy. Whatever reason you have, the most important thing to remember is to have as much fun as you can while you are living because you aren't going to get the chance to have this kind of fun when you are stuck in a nursing home somewhere.





Sissy Schools: Training for Real Men

I am one of those guys that lived the tough life and did manly things on a regular basis. I had never heard of any sissy schools or even knew what something like that meant until I hooked up with a woman that I met at a club one night. We had been dating for a few months when she said I should purchase some items from to spice things up in the bedroom once in a while. I decided to check it out to see what they had available and was kind of shocked at what I found.

There were some pretty interesting things that were on their website, but the items that I was interested in she didn’t want me to get. Instead, she wanted me to join this sissy schools training program that she had heard of from one of her friends; at least that is what she told me at the time. In truth, though, she enjoyed taking guys like me and making them into complete sissies by any means necessary. Of course, I didn’t find any of this out until much later in the relationship.

I'm not sure why I agreed to be in this sissy schools training thing, expect for the fact that I really wanted to impress her and she wouldn’t have sex with me until I passed her training. It’s kind of rough for a guy like me to be in a relationship for months at a time without getting a piece of ass every once in a while, but I thought I would give this training thing a try and see what happens. I'm not saying that I wasn’t happy once it was over. It was just a very strange ride through a weird, yet wonderful, world.

She said that the first thing I had to do was purchase some schools clothing from in order to fully understand what I was about to do. Again, I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, but went along with it anyway. She went ahead and picked a few items out for me but wouldn’t tell me what they were until I started my training. I wasn’t too worried about it at first, but once she started the actual training, I started to become a bit aware of what was actually going on in her mind.
extreme mens swimwear including male to female transformation attire.
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The first aspect of sissies training was that I had to shave my body hair. Now, I don’t mind shaving. In fact, a lot of guys do that on a regular basis anyway. The difference here was that she wanted my entire body shaved smooth. You should have seen h
ow many razors I had to go through just to do my legs, not to mention my chest. It was a bit odd to me that I had to do that, but she said it was because she wanted my body nice and smooth when she ran her fingers over it.

I now know that it had nothing to do with her fingers but rather for the clothing that I had to wear during my sissy schools training. Most of this was purchased through and various other websites of the same nature. I was doing pretty well, though, until the beatings began. I didn’t know that part of my training included punishment when I did something that was wrong, or basically just upset her because of the mood she was in. I never thought I would be the type of guy that would cry like that in real life.

My sissy training was going along pretty well for the first couple of weeks and, as a reward, she allowed me to watch her shave her pussy. I wasn’t allowed to do anything accept sit there and watch, though. Every time I tried to move she would take the riding crop out and smack me against my legs or back to make sure I understood that I was to stay still. Of course, I had to wear her panties at the same time until my items from showed up. Then, I had to wear those all the time.

The first time I put my training panties on I was very uncomfortable. There is something that needs to be said about hiding your cock and forcing your balls to split and look like the lips of a hairless pussy that is extremely uncomfortable the very first time you try it. Of course, every time I tried to say something she would force me into a strange position and make me scream out loud how much of a sissy I was while she was spanking or whipping me with her riding crop.

I had actually thought about hiding that riding crop from her a couple of times but knew that the punishment during training would be severe. Thankfully, I only had to go through training in the house while we were together. When we were out in public I could be myself again until the training started becoming more intense. Then, I had to start wearing sissy clothes outside when we went to clubs and bars. At least she didn’t pick any clubs or bars that my friends or family would be going too frequently. In fact, they were mainly gay bars for the most part.

Once I got further into my sissy training, I started to enjoy the lessons that I was learning. She was training me well enough that I could almost guess what the next lesson would be. Of course, I had no idea that part of the training would include a particular item from that had a little rod tucked into the ass strap that would force me to enjoy anal stimulation. Now, I wasn’t very pleased with it at first, but it soon grew on me and that is when she started to introduce dildos to me.

There is something to be said about being forced to wear sissy clothes during your sissy training and having to bend over to take a rather large dildo up your ass. I never knew that it could be that much fun and exciting to feel something like that sliding in so deep and stretching me out. While she was forcing anal sex on me she would pull my cock and my balls back between my legs to make them look more like a pussy. She said she wanted me to understand what it was like for a woman to have anal sex.

I learned that had plenty of items that I could enjoy using during my sissies training and spent a lot of my free time looking for things to impress her with, or more like please her because nothing would actually impress her at that time. I started ordering things and showing them to her to see if she would allow me to wear them out in public. She agreed most of the time, but only if I was wearing skin tight Spandex pants or skirts that would show off my smooth man pussy to all around me.

Once my sissytraining started to get to the point where there was nothing new happening, she took me to another gay bar. This one was new to me as we had never been there before, but it seemed like a very nice place to hang out in. I, of course, was dressed like the man sissy that I was and forced to sit in a booth in a very dark corner. She would then go out and find other guys and bring them back to the table for me. I had to get under the table and suck them off for her.

This part of my schools training was quite disturbing to me. I had never thought of myself as ever having another mans, or any mans, cock in my mouth before. It was all that I could do to even attempt to do this with strangers in a gay bar. But she insisted, with the riding crop poking me in the ribs, and I was forced to take their hard cocks into my mouth. She would then place her hand on the back of my head so that I had to take their cum when they reached orgasm.

The first guy that came in my mouth almost made me sick, but I was still in schools training and had to do what I was told. She made me come out from under the table and show her the cum in my mouth. Then she forced me to swallow it all by placing her hand over my mouth and whispering in my ear that if I didn’t she was going to leave me here by myself. I was terrified that she would leave me here and I had no idea how to get back home again, so I swallowed it.

After she did her cock sucking sissy group training with me, she took me into the bathroom and told me to service anyone that came in. I was told to lift up my skirt in the back and pull the panty strap off to the side. There would be a knock on the door and I would reach back to open it. I was told not to open my mouth for any reason and just let these men fuck me as hard as they wanted to. If they came inside or on me, I was to leave it alone.

This part of the sissy training I was OK with since I had been trained with a good sized dildo for a few months before and used one regularly when I was alone. I kind of wanted to know what it would feel like to have a real cock sliding in and out of my ass this time. I can tell you that it was nothing like having a dildo that I was in control of, that’s for sure. Besides that, doing it in a public bathroom just made me feel like some kind of slutty sissy, which wasn’t too bad.

I had taken almost six cocks in my mouth during the first part of that night’s sissy schools training and was looking at another six, at least, in my ass. All I could think of was and how many more items she was going to let me purchase so that I could be the sexiest and sluttiest sissy in town. I could feel cum sliding out of my asshole and running down the back of my legs when the eighth guy walked into the stall and started rubbing his cock against me. I was in pure heaven.

My sissy training went very well that night. She enjoyed watching me get fucked by all those guys and the thought of having their cocks in my mouth had made her pussy super wet. She took me home and made me shower and put on some really sexy sissy clothes that she had personally purchased for me. She said it was my graduation present and that I had done everything she wanted me to do to please her. Because I had done so well with my training, she was offering herself to me of her own free will.

I could have done anything I wanted to her that night. My training was complete and I could have fucked her throughout the rest of the weekend. Instead, I choose to have her wear a strap-on and fuck me like the little sissy whore that I was. I have never been as satisfied as I had that night. There are things in life that even the manliest of men would never try, I know because I was that guy once, but this was one of those things that I was very happy to have been talked into. I may look like a man to all those people around me during the day, but when I get home and go out to a club, I take all that sissy schools training with me along with my hottest items from just to be my true self again.